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4 Ways a College Students Can Save Travel Money

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How College Students Can Save Travel Money

How to save money for traveling while you are in college can be simple.  However, between student loans, car payments, and rent, it may seem impossible for the average college student to save money to travel.  Unless you are fortunate enough to have your mommy and daddy support you through these fragile young adult years, the idea of saving money to travel can be daunting.  Luckily, I have tips that can make saving money simple, and you won’t even have to give up your daily Starbucks frappuccino.

I myself have made many financial mistakes in my younger years.  Now as a senior in college, I have developed a system that allows me to travel in the USA at least once a month, and have money to fund trips abroad during my spring, summer and winter breaks.


  •  Attend a junior/community college for the first 2 years of your undergraduate degree.
    I attended my local community college and received both an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree while pursuing my undergraduate gen eds.  Who couldn’t use some extra degrees to add to their resume?
    Be sure to file for financial aid through FASFA, even if you do not think you will qualify, you may receive tuition money or even a tuition waver.


  • Live at home with your parents or become a RA (free housing).
    No one wants to stay living with their parents.  But even after I switched from the local community college to California State University, I decided to continue living at home.  I drive about an hour and a half each way and even with California’s high gas prices I am still saving hundreds per month.  I also made sure my classes were all on the same days so I can have the other days free to work. Another option is to become a residential assistant, which basically means you work in the housing department of the dorms typically in exchange for free housing, a meal card, and a small amount of money.  This is the preferred option.



  • Work a job, or two.
    I have always worked at least one job while going to college but once I reached my junior and senior year I made sure I was working anywhere between 30-45 hours a week.  I did this while taking 4 upper division courses.  I was making minimum wage as a preschool TA for 10 hours a week and I also worked weekends at an Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse at $12.25/hr working 24 hours every Saturday and Sunday.


Remember, this job is not a career but a means to an end.  Also, when it comes time to start applying for internships or entry level jobs it doesn’t hurt to have past work experience.




  • Stop wasting money in clubs and bars

Ever since I started working weekends, I literally have no time to party unless I specifically plan a Vegas trip.  If you are going to go out to party, pregame like a champion.  Drinks at the bar are insanely expensive.

The last time I was in Vegas, it was New Years eve and I managed to spend $100 within about 15 minutes of entering a club.

Honestly, I save my parting for special occasions.  If I am taking time off of work, I would much rather go camping or backpacking then spend my time in a sticky room filled with people trying to get laid.


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