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Crashed Tinder Date- Worst Travel Buddy!

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Crashed Tinder Date – Austin Edition

(This is part 4, find part 1part 2, and part 3)


He made it impossible to make friends overseas


When I travel, my favorite thing is to make connections with those from different backgrounds.  Since Haiti didn’t have many offerings for hostels, I decided to Airbnb through it.  A great thing about Airbnb is getting to stay with locals and making friends with them, (I wrote a guide to using Airbnb).  

A lot of times, the host will want to show you their favorite places to eat and drink at.  However, after spending my time in the Dominican Republic with Austin, I knew that he would take advantage of them with his extreme mooching skills.  I didn’t want my hosts to associate that with me so I would have to pull the host aside and explain to them to be wary of Austin and his mooching tendencies.  Even though it was an awkward conversation to have with a stranger, I would rather them be aware.  

To make matters worst, he’s even crashed tinder date.




Yes, I’ve used tinder while traveling before.  It’s a great way to meet interesting people you would have otherwise have never met.  When I was in Haiti I met up with a nice local who took me out on a date when Austin was feeling too depressed to go out and explore with me.  It was a great date and the next day we had plans to go to the beach and snorkel together. That night when I returned, I told Austin my plans for tomorrow.  He was upset, that even though we hadn’t spent more than a few hours apart in the weeks that we had been traveling together, that I made plans without him.  I knew that our Airbnb host wanted to show us a different part of the city that day, and I encouraged him to go with her.  


He rather be the third wheel.   Even though things were tense between Austin and I, and even though I desperately needed some space from him, I decided to allow him to tag along.  So that is how Austin came on our date, which turned out to be a double another couple, so I guess technically that made him the 5th wheel.   

Yup a crashed tinder date.  Awesome.



At one point during the day, we stopped at an island where there was a tray of lobster and crab for us all to snack on together.  Where everyone was just picking with their hands, Austin proceeded to somehow find a plate, load it up with the majority of food “I haven’t eaten,” he explained before walking away.  

Yes, he did things like that frequently on our trip,

I never apologized on behalf of someone  so much my entire life.  


Next up: my final Travel Buddy from Hell post: What he did on the last day felt like a smack on the face (coming soon).

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