Death Valley National Park

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Death Valley National Park

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Death Valley National Park

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park has made world wide headlines earlier this year for their super bloom, which occurred when the perfect temperatures allowed a variety of  when gorgeous flowers that which only tends to happen every decade or so.  But flowers can be found all over the Earth, so why would you ever make the trek to the middle of nowhere?  Here are 5 reasons why you should NEVER visit Death Valley National Park.

 Death Valley National Park Zabriske Point

1. The Dirt All Looks The Same

Zabriske Point offers a gorgeous panorama of the badlands at Death Valley National Park.  What’s the point of rolling out of your sleeping bag and crawling out of your tent to face the frigid morning temperatures just to stare at how the sun perfectly brings out the most gorgeous array of colors.  Forget the fact that volcanic activity molded this landscape millions of years ago to create this spectacular view.

Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park

2. You’ll Reach an All New Low at the Lowest Point in North America

Badwater Basin, found at Death Valley National Park, is located at the lowest elevation in all of North America.   These salt flats (which are among the largest protected salt flats found in the world), have the audacity to disguise the desert into a phony snow wonderland.  The salt is extremely delicate so vehicles are prohibited, which means you’ll have to make the trek on foot (ridiculous, this is America, no one walks anywhere anymore).

Once you reach the salt flats you will notice the sharp increase in temperature and you will feel like you are in an inferno, so bring plenty of water.  It is worth noting that if you would like to see the honey comb shape that the salt makes in the ground you will have to walk about 15 minutes past where the boardwalk ends.


3.  The Landscape is Mudane

The Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes will have you feeling like you’re in Africa.  The sand is hot, fine, and will get everywhere that sand doesn’t belong!  Depending on how hot the sand is, you will either be wishing that you were either wearing closed toed shoes or that you were in flip flops.  I ended up climbing up the dunes with shoes on and running down them bare foot, it was amazing.  The greatest part is climbing up to experience the view of the surrounding land from the top.

Tip:  Bring a sand board (or maybe just an old boogie board) to slide down these amazing feats of nature!

Death Valley National Park Natural Bridge


4. The Trails are Meh Worthy to Say the Least

From the Natural Bridge found in the middle of the desert to the cool oasis of Darwin Falls there is a wide variety of landscapes to see at Death Valley.



5. There is no where good to camp!

Furnace Creek Campgrounds gives has a variety of options from tent campers to those who have RVs.  Camping starts at $12 per night and reservations can only be made from October till April.  Of course if camping isn’t your thing there are also a few inns and motels that are in the town at Death Valley National Park.

So how do you feel about Death Valley National Park?  Will you never visit?

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