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Goodbye Forever to the Travel Buddy From Hell

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Goodbye forever.  (This is my final post in the 5 part Travel Buddy from Hell Saga.  Start at part one.)

What he did on the last day felt like a smack on the face.  We both were on the same flights together to LAX.  Somehow, our seats weren’t booked together on .  I could have easily fixed this but decided against it.  I was dying for some space from him.  During our hour and a half layover I guided him through the Fort Lauderdale airport towards our next gate.   He was a couple of aisles sitting ahead of me, so he boarded and exited the plane first.   I never thought that that would be our ‘good bye’  but it was.  

I wasn’t expecting a thank you.  

But, I was expecting a goodbye, and a hug.  I knew that we were parting ways, and not only that but I had needed to confront him about something.  

goodbye forever

He was gone like the Flash, I never even saw him in the luggage area, and I looked for him.  I never got the closure of saying goodbye, and have never spoken to him since that trip.  And I’m okay with that. Goodbye forever Austin.


Austin isn’t a bad person, he just wasn’t meant to do this type of traveling.  His personality is better suited for in country traveling or at a resort.  While, I enjoy that sort of traveling, I consider that a vacation.


 To me, traveling should be a much more authentic experience.

What’s the point of visiting another country if you can’t experience the culture?  




This trip was definitely a learning experience for Austin and I.  Will he travel again?  I hope so.

Will I allow an acquaintance whose never been abroad accompany me on a month and a half long backpacking trip through developing countries?   Hell no.  Goodbye forever.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my experience.  Let me know what you think about it in the comments.



By the way, Austin, if you ever read this, I want you to know that every time you locked yourself in the bathroom with my phone, I knew that you were going through it, every time.

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