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The Secret to Inexpensive Flights

The amount spent on airfare can make or break a trip.  Finding the best deal for a destination does not have to be stressful- I’ll show you the easiest, most efficient way to discover inexpensive flights.  No secret formula necessary.


I will show you how to become your own travel agent by utilizing my favorite website, SkyScanner.  This is a free flight search engine that includes all taxes and fees with their prices, this way you won’t be surprised by any booking fees.

inexpensive flights

On the homepage you’ll see a search engine similar to this.  If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to fly to a country with the cheapest airfare.

To get an idea of what is available, make sure you have selected a roundtrip flight leaving from your nearest major airport.

In the ‘to’ section, you will want to select ‘everywhere’ this way you can see all of the cheapest flights in ascending order.  Make sure to also select the cheapest month for the departure and return.

inexpensive flights


Your results should resemble something similar to this.  Below you will find my top picks from this single search.


inexpensive flights


As you can see, these flights are significantly cheaper than what you will find on most websites.


inexpensive flightsIf you’re serious about scoring the best deal, it is necessary to stay up to date on the quickly fluctuating prices.  I recommend downloading the SkyScanner app to easily checkto see where the current inexpensive flights are heading to!

I have seen $250 round trip airfare from LAX to Stockholm, Sweden as well as $400 round trip airfare to Tokyo.

Skyscanner makes booking tickets simple.  The first ticket I purchased through them was a $520 roundtrip ticket to Bangkok.  It was compulsive and totally worth it.

Is your destination still expensive to fly to? Worry not, adventurer!  My next post will teach you how to create your own layovers or how to use a connecting flight to travel hack your way to inexpensive flights!

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