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International Travel is NOT for Everyone

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Yes, it’s true.  I said it.  International travel is not for everyone.  Which makes it even more interesting that my first real post for a website that I’ve created to encourage traveling is on this subject.  But this is definitely necessary.  Many new travelers are under the false impression that since they enjoyed it, that ‘everyone should travel.’  Myself, at one point, included.  This vision was shattered this summer, during the worst trip I’ve ever experienced, with the travel buddy from hell.

          To the astonishment of most Europeans, 64% of Americans do not have a passport.  This statistic includes everyone in my immediate family (besides myself).  As much as I would love to take a trip abroad with my parents, why would they ever want to take one with me?  We’ve done countless road trips together, our most recent one being to the Grand Canyon.

travel within the United States
This flag has traveled through all 50 states and has been patched with threads and pieces of decommissioned flags



You see, the United States is humongous and has so much to offer.  There is a bit of everything here, and then some.  From being the entertainment capital of the world, to having the most gorgeous and diverse national parks.  


You can fly for hours through America without breaching the border.  Road trips are an American pastime.  The culture and customs of Americans change drastically based on the area you are in.  Traveling within America can be just as fulfilling as traveling out of it.  


Also, many people simply can’t afford to travel.  The economic collapse is still affecting us, and many are stuck in debt.  Luckily there are many ways to find cheap flights, which can end up saving people thousands of dollars each year.


Remember, it’s not where you are headed, it’s the journey.   


How do you feel about traveling?  Please, drop a comment.  I would love to hear your opinions.  

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