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Irresponsible Travel Buddy-The World’s Worst!

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This is part two of my first post on how my travel buddy made me go insane.

Irresponsible Travel Buddy

A few hours before he was supposed to fly out,  I called him to wish him a good flight, and to ensure him that I was waiting for him at the airport.  I assumed that he was already at his gate at LAX, waiting to board his plane.  And to my disbelief, he informed me that he was driving home from work.

“What do you mean you’re driving home from work, your flight leaves in 3 hours.”

Austin then proceeded to argue with me that his flight didn’t leave at 11:45 am, but at 11:45 pm.  It wasn’t until he checked his plane ticket that he saw that I was, indeed, correct.    

To my astonishment, he managed to make it to the airport, and hour away, on time and didn’t miss his flight.


His layover flight got delayed, I ended up spending 5 hours waiting at the airport to meet him.  I didn’t mind waiting, I practically lived at airports anyways, what I did mind was his attitude that he had with me as soon as he landed, which lasted throughout the trip, because, apparently he didn’t have enough time to say goodbye to his girlfriend.  I tried to remedy the situation, from allowing him to use my phone whenever he wished to make phone calls, to treating him to meals here and there.  Unfortunately, there was no pleasing him.



Remember how in the previous post, he totally ignored my suggestions regarding his money situation?  Well reality hit him quite quickly.

His money managing skills?  




He went through his money quickly.  He was the world’s most irresponsible travel buddy.  The trip that I ended up adapting to his budget could have been done with what he brought.  However, his insistence on not eating local or riding public transportation made it impossible.  Pretty soon, he was borrowing my money..  

I was unbelievably stressed that he would never pay me back.  His debit card ‘stopped working’ a few day after he arrived, and he didn’t listen to my advice, even before we had planned this trip, about getting a credit card.  I ended up booking all of our transportation and hotel rooms.  I stopped lending him money once he hit $1000, it was way above what I could ever loan anyone, however I didn’t have a choice, other than abandoning him in a third world country.  Miraculously his mom ‘wired him money’ and he was able to pay me back and start purchasing things on his own.


By the way did I mention he was the most gullible person in the world?  HE LITERALLY GAVE AWAY HIS PASSPORT TO A BEGGAR!

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