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Greetings, and Welcome to Passport Quest

I'm Joceline Lopez aka Joss, and I created Passport Quest earlier this year. I've been to 12 countries since 2014 (nearly all solo), and mostly all during breaks at school, but now that I've recently graduated from university, I'm on a mission to see the world.

In 2014, at 21 years old and having never left America, I decided to apply for my passport.  I had become overwhelmed with the daily mundane routine of life I knew I had to do something.  A few weeks later I found myself boarding a plane for a three month solo backpacking and volunteering trip to Sri Lanka.

I dived into a culture vastly different from my own. I was able to network and create life long connections with people from a variety of countries. A week into my trip I was hospitalized due to a motorcycle accident. My injuries alone would have been enough to make anyone take the first ticket back home, but I continued my journey. This trip created the spark that lit my passion- traveling.  And I want to empower others to have to confidence to embark on their own adventures.


This is why I have created Passport Quest, I wanted to have a platform where knowledge can easily be shared and received.  As well as create an environment that empowers individuals to grab control of their lives and embark on their own journeys of self discovery.  I am on the constant quest for knowledge and self growth.

I hope my website helps you with your journey.  If you have any questions at all, I'm here to help!  You can either drop a comment or contact me


(I will be adding more to this page soon!!!)

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